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Service Request

Alpha One offers service work to local departments. Please use this form to request a service quote or service call. Our current rates for service work are: 

$110/ hour shop labor

$125/ hour service call labor

$70/ hour travel + Mileage

$185/ hour weekend, after hours

Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspections: $250 per apparatus if done at time of Full Truck Service.

Full Truck Service: At Alpha One- $400 + parts (oil, filters)

On Location- $450 + parts (oil, filters) and travel time + mileage

Upload File

Please only check the box above if you are asking for an exception to our service schedule and need to be contacted outside of business hours, and are okay with being billed the after hours rate.

Your ticket has been submitted. We will contact you soon. Please call our office at 580-467-2222 if the matter is urgent.
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